• "Steve Chase paints the world large and in bright Technicolor. Thick bold strokes of acrylic — fuchsia and vermilion..."
  • "Using small bunched circles, curves and crosshatches that darken the page, Gidon Staff conjures up fantastic horned..."
  • "Spare black lines of pen and ink describe a phalanx of waddling penguins or a tiger staring languidly from within a cloud of leaves."


Gidon, Steve, Ted 

The Art Studio

The studio

Vision Quest Art Studio in Bradford Vermont produces some of the most interesting art in the North East.  Steve Chase, Ted Chafee, and Gidon Staff are three extremely talented artists that make up the core of Vision Quest Studios.  They have been painting and creating art together for 15 years and in that time have produced some truly remarkable work.

Steve Chase currently has his latest work on display at the AVA gallery in Lebanon New Hampshire and are depicted here in his latest works gallery.

Vision Quest will have their next group show at Court Street Art. The show will be held at Alumni Hall in Haverhill, New Hampshire and will open on Saturday September 6th at 5: p.m.

If you should have any questions about purchasing art at this site, please contact Bob Claflin at [email protected].